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This program is proposing that the root cause of prejudice is a genetically inborn instinct hardwired into us for survival – to protect us from a person or group we believe is a threat to us. Prejudicial bullying is therefore considered necessary for our survival – survival of the fittest. Therefore anyone within the group who seems weak becomes a threat to the survival of the group and is perceived as someone who needs to be eliminated, or bullied out of the group. Hence we shun, intimidate, bully – all in the misguided name of survival. The intent of this program is to bring about awareness of this destructive prejudicial survival of the fittest compulsion and in so doing free one from its primitive instinctive influence.

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Born to Bully Research

Yale University Center for Infant Cognition 

This 60 Minutes video is only 13 minutes long.

University of British Columbia Centre for Infant Cognition

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The book, "Why is Everybody Always Picking on Us?” explores the roots of prejudice. I don't think I've seen another book like it. How wonderful if this book could be used in one's social studies classroom! I have learned where prejudice begins, how it is created, how it is perpetuated, and how it can be resolved. This book looks at stereotypes, bigotry, discrimination, scapegoating, racism, and more. It is a wonderfully comprehensive manual for young people and adults alike on understanding our conditioning and the root of prejudice.
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